Xim IV
Xim IV
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Xim IV

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Geography Edit

It is made up of 70% water and is able to sustain life with oxygen similar to Earth. It has five major Continents and eight notable islands. Most of the Continents are industrialized, leaving only two that remain natural: Gashenvell' and Novintania'. Gashenvell' is mainly made up of dry, hot desert whilst Novintania' is a lushous rain forest. The rest of the Continents; Tavrilia, Kashendous, and Vexnu is all a highly populated city. Nearby shores to these city's have been major polluted over the years, leaving only the seas surrounding the natural, untouched continents clean.

Population Edit

The Valkieri are the only sentient life on Xim IV. They are Reptilian-like Humanoids who are aligned with gills on their necks for underwater travel, webbed fingers and toes, and tough scales on their skin. They mastered Space travel long before Humans could, as seen from the fact that they managed to craft disk-shaped ships. Many politicians and religious leaders wear elaborate robes and rare fabricated clothes from many different worlds, holding no need for traditional methods.

Valkieri Male politician

Non-Sentient Lifeforms Edit

Xim IV holds a large amount of non-sentient lifeforms, but are usually used as either fashion/wealth statements, pets/companions, Wildlife attractions, or farm work.

Government Edit

The continents have joined together to form a Senate and Republic-like government known to them as Sharu-Vesh. Political leaders are voted into power and given the responsibility of calling for meetings and planning public events. The Religious leaders hold the true power; being able to control the military, commence war on other nations, and many other powers the Senate are not granted.

Economy Edit

The currency on Xim IV is a single square piece of a Valkierian alloy known as Chiminazone'. The currency itself is called Vesquiji. The larger the Vesquiji, the more value. So far, the planet has thrived in economy, only having few events of Deppression.

Technology Edit

The Valkieri are a highly technological race, inventing what Humans will refer to as "Flying Saucers". The name for this aircraft is Jesumino. It is of large deployment, mainly convoys, that can hold up to 50 Valkieri (Including cargo). These are the main consistencies of their armada, amassing to an estimated 550,000 Jesumino. Although the fleet is large, there are no warships or any form of craft other than the Jesumino in the Valkieri armada. They see their fleet as invincible since the Jesumino craft is made of a highly expensive alternate metal to the Chiminazone' metal, called Yeralutz. This metal is the hardest found on all of Xim IV and the most expensive by far. It is illegal to be used as currency because all Yeralutz is to be made into Jesumino craft fighters.
Valkieri ship

Two Jesumino soaring across the skies of Xim IV.

Military Edit

Other than the Armada, which they refer to as Consastillion', they have amassed a footsoldier army of 80,000 volunteers. The Valkieri are quite proud of their military, and to serve in it is a prestine honor. The Valkieri believe that "to die on the battlefield is to be reborn in Wuscaven." Thus, if a soldier died on the battlefield they would be rewarded with eternal paradise, strengthening morale.

Religion Edit

The Valkieri believe in a Monotheistic traditional god that is unnamed, mainly because they believe it is so great it does not require a name. The Priests, or Qu'Ranni'Val, are the servants and messengers of this god. Their ancient texts are known as the Xownas, which tell that Xim IV's two suns are the god's sons and the three moons are it's daughters that protect Xim IV. They also believe that Xim IV is this god's favorite planet, and thus they should strive to take pride in it. Even veterans are to be saluted wherever they go and seen as respect, upper-class citizen's.

History Edit

The Valkieri were once mere sea-dwelling creatures who evolved into the humanoid form they take on now. They formed a language and an empire slowly emerged. The ruler of this Empire, Xyu Venash, lead his people dictatorally. He took an interest in Science and began having half the population of Valkieri enlist as scholars, scientists, and other academic roles. Finally, through years of careful study, the Valkieri were able to craft the Jesumino. With further years of research they were able to modify the Jesumino with an array of weaponry and armor. Although, before the great Consastillion' could be formed, Xyu Venash was assassinated. Chaos ensued as a result, rioting enshrouding the world. The loyal scholars managed to safely tuck away the secrets to the Jesumino for later years to come. Seven years of peace followed before the Jesumino blueprints were recovered and rebuilt. Through time, the armada known as Consastillion' would be formed and the army built. A group of historians known as the Vix'quey solved the governmental issue by suggesting the formation of the Sharu-Vesh. From then on, the economy was boosted and the planet has flourished.
Xyu Venash

Xyu Venash painting

Language Edit

They speak Valkieri, which to a Human's ears would sound much like girgling salt water.