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Tyler (Last Name Unknown)


January 27






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"We should all look at ourselves from a strangers perspective at least once in our life. It's a good wakeup call to how the world really sees you."

Tyler is a mercenary who lives and helped organize the neutral and unknown planet of Aetos. A versatile soldier and cunning tactician, with a vast amount of knowledge makes Tyler a great asset to his employers.


Early ChildhoodEdit

Birth and Parent's DeathsEdit

Tyler was born on January 27, 2541, during a war between the U.S.A. and Germany, over a land dispute over the moon's control by the U.S. Tyler's parents originally lived in a space station located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Germany, knowing of the stationsuse to the U.S. as a medical and research facility. Tyler was 3 at the time.

Knowing their time was almost up after a large space armada appeared to lay seige to the station, his parents placed him into an escape pod and lanched him off towards Earth, and the U.S. However, the journey would take aproximitely 4-7 years.

Learning and SurivingEdit

Tyler decided to use the time he had in the pod, to research and learn using the ships computer, internet connection and database. Though the pod wasn't large, it was supplied for the long trip to Earth, including a shower, sets of simple clothes for each year, and food and there was also enough space for Tyler to keep fit, knowing he would need it after landing. Tyler, having been now isolated for several years, had matured incrediblly quickly for someone his age.


After 5 years, Tyler finally saw Earth with his own eyes and expected to land, in less than a day at the age of 8. However, he hadn't counted on the moon coming between him and the earth and ended up crash landing his escape pod nearby a U.S. research base on the moon.He was rescued shortly after by a worker of the base.

Into the StarsEdit

Beginnings of a CareerEdit

The worker then took Tyler to the Commanding Officer of the base. After hearing his story the CO decided to allow Tyler to stay, as long as he worked. Tyler worked, but after showing his advanced knowledge, and a newfound skill at piloting spacecraft, he began helping construct one of the largest flagships the U.S. had ever built. As it neared completion, the CO offered Tyler a spot as an officer on board the ship, which would soon see its maiden voyage.

German AttackEdit

However the war that had brought Tyler to the moon in the first place was still raging, and as such, the Germans attacked the research base int he hopes of preventing the flagshihps completion. They soon found that it was too late, as the ship was ready and had been added the name on the haul, Phoenix. As such the Germans decided to destroy the base entirely, and take control of the ship. The CO and everyone else knew they had to flee, as they did not have the power to stop the Germans attack.

They all headed for the escape pods, except Tyler, who decided to test out the new ships potential in real combat. Knowing that much of the ship could be controlled by the computer, Tyler headed for the bridge and began attacking the fleet with the ships advance weaponry. The German strike force soon fragmented, giving the escape pods a safe descent into the atmosphere.

Claiming the Phoenix and Mercenary BeginningsEdit

Once everything was quiet and the Germans had fled, Tyler was contacted by the President of the United States, who asked what he could give him to extend his gratitued for saving so many lives. Tyler simply asked for ownership of the Phoenix, which the President quickly authorized.

Tyler then flew down to Earth and hid the Phoenix, and then left once again after a few years of gaining supplies by hunting down criminals for the police force. He then began a life as a mercanery, and became a great asset to the U.S.A.


A few years later, Tyler and the Phoenix disappeared without a trace after picking up a large amount of supplies from Earth. His fate and the rest of the people who were part of his large mercanery fleet remains uncertain to the rest of human civilization as of now.


A New PlanetEdit

Tyler and his fleet had in fact traveled to an unknown, but earth-like planet that they had discovered early. They had picked up supplies in the hopes of colonizing the planet, to create a sort of mercanery base upon completion. The mercaneries that followed him to the planet asked him to give a name to the planet. Tyler, having already thought of a name, called it Aetos, the greek word for eagle.


Tyler and the rest of his fleet landed on the surface, and began using the colonization tools they had obtained to begin work, eventually finishing the first city. The city as located on the coast, and fortified by mountains on the mainland, though the mountains gave enough space to allow even more cities to be created in spaces, though they made sure to not upset the ecosytem of the planet.


He has light brown skin and blackish brown, semi-long hair and brown eyes. He wears a simple t-shirt and some black pants, preferring simplicity when it comes to what he wears.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Tyler is shown to usually be somewhat quiet and thoughtful, but also carefree for the most part. When he is with close friends, he can also be happy, cheerful, and kind. He isn't afraid to speak his mind and is quite tempermental (though he can control himself when he wants to). He is also the kind of person who would die for a friend. He is shown to also have be quite agressive and has a devil-may-care attitude when it comes to recklessness, though he won't recklessly charge into anything that will most likely put a friend in harms way.

Equipment and SkillsEdit

Tyler is a highly versatile fighter, who knows how to handle a situation from all ranges. The equipment he carries reflects this, and his preferance of quick, and silent kills.

ARA Rifle

The ARA Rifle

Custom ARA Rifle (Assualt, Recon, and Assasination): This custom version of the AR Rifle has a silencer attached, and a multicaliber bore, allowing it to be able to load it with stones if needed. This weapon has been shown to be incrediblly accurate and deadly in the right hands. It can switch between two modes, The first fires a single shot, designed for assassinations, to prevent drawing attention to the firing position. The second returns it to the standard AR Rifle 3 round burst fire.

Dual Hidden Blades: The Hidden Blade is a weapon designed by Tyler during his time as a mercanery, and was able to complete and perfect it. He has stated that he based it's design and mechanism off of a video game from the 21st century. When not in use, the blade is hidden in a gauntlet on Takeshi's lower arm. He triggers it by tilting his hand up. This causes a gear system to eject the blade, hopefully into the neck or stomach of an enemy. When not in use, or when he is using another weapon, Tyler can lock the blade to prevent it from ejecting on accident.

LNA Stylus (Liquid Nitrogen Assassination): Tyler carries these two prototype weapons around with him for melee combat. Where he obtained them is unknown, but they are shown to be extremely effective. While holding one between his index and middle finger, any contact with the tip of the stylus, while active, will freeze an enemy solid to varying degrees based on the charge level it's set at. The stylus can also be thrown as a medium range attack, which, coupled with throwing speed can pierce right through most armor, and freeze much of the target's body. However, if Tyler uses this method, he always moves to reclaim them before moving on, as they are the only kind in the galaxy.

Behind the SceneEdit

  • Tyler's hidden blade weapon is a reference to the game Assassin's Creed II, which was released in 2009.


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