K-class Taikong soldiers exit a dropship.

The Taikong Soldier Unit (太空坑打者; pinyin transliteration: Tài Kōng Kàng Dă Zhĕ; lit. Space Combat Fighter), also known as the TSU, TKD or just Taikong, was an all-purpose manned exoskeleton system used by the Henming Navy as its standard infantry unit. Its excellent performance ratings made it a staple unit in almost any situation. Despite the relatively high cost of producing one, the Taikong was capable of carrying loads three times greater than an unaided human as well as offer greater control over higher caliber firearms and advanced targeting systems.


Numerous models of the Taikong were produced and improved over the years, capitalizing on different specialties in order to maximize one's ability to operate in a specific mission type. Improved models are usually denoted with a "Mk.#" before its model designation.


The C Taikong, also known as the Chí Dăzhĕ (持打者; lit. Support Fighter) in Chinese, were specifically designed to carry heavier equipment than any of the other Taikong unit types. They are known to carry fully equipped X Taikongs into battle in heavy fire situations. Although not equipped with the targeting systems found on the other types, C Taikongs are still capable of assisting in combat through repairs, medical aid and demolition.


The K Taikong, also known as the Kōng Dăzhĕ (空打者; lit. Void Fighter) in Chinese, were designed for zero-gravity missions, most typically in open locations. They are equipped with a state-of-the-art stealth generator designed to hide one's presence in space, allowing the user to slip within enemy radar systems undetected, as well as provide visual stealth. However, the usage of the stealth field prevented other modifications other than an attachable boost system for zero-gravity navigation and special protection from solar radiation.



Experimental X Taikong with an urban camera system used to look around corners safely.

The X Taikong, also known as the Xí Dăzhĕ (袭打者; lit. Attack Fighter), has been built specifically around the usage of firearms that utilize heavy ordnance or high caliber rounds. Their armament greatly varies with soldier, though X Taikongs are known to use heavy material sniper rifles and multi-shot rocket launchers to cause enormous damage in a short amount of time.

Advanced targeting systems and defensive capabilities allow the X Taikong to take on fast-moving targets without fear, though the model's sacrifice in mobility could cause issues for the pilot. However, their usefulness on the battlefield eventually gave rise to innovations to supplement the X Taikong's weaknesses.



X2 Taikong equipped with hover pack and material sniper rifle.

The X2 Taikong, also known as the Kuài Dăzhĕ (快打者; lit. Fast Fighter) is a lighter variant of the X Taikong. Although it does not have the heavy capabilities of its predecessor, the X2 has much greater mobility and is compatible with attachable hover packs among other things. The X2 is considered the standard Taikong unit due to its versatile usage.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Taikong Soldier Unit is based off of the landmate from the 2004 film Appleseed.