Dr. Aubren Kindre
Dr. Sadow

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Aubren Lucas Kindre


July 6






104 lbs.



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"In all my years of study, research, and development I have always felt a bit of envy for what we refer to as 'Warriors'..."


Biography Edit

Birth and Childhood Edit

Aubren was born and grew up in Altenberg, Germany. His older brother, Kane, was usually the source of his father's pride, while they held high expectations of Aubren. Finally, Kane enlisted into the army ever since graduating. All the while Aubren was kept in Altenberg to study further.

Career Edit

At the age of 18 his family managed to save up enough money to send him to Lower Saxony and study at the University of Göttingen. He was able to get a Doctorate of Natural Sciences and Physics. Aubren began inventing weapons and technology for use of the German military up until he was assigned to study at the planet of Xim IV at the age of 22. He has spent two straight years of overwhelming study of the Valkieri culture, sciences, and other topics.

Appearance Edit

He has short white hair and blue eyes. He usually wears a leopard-spotted vest under his lab coat and a pair of black sweat pants.

Personality and Traits Edit

He is often curious on how many things work or interact. At this, he will often draw situations out slowly and records the results. He also has a habit of drinking coffee and eating donuts and pizza, rather than preferring healthy diets. He claims "It's been concluded that, as long as you balance out the carbs by using the muscle in your brain, you can pretty much gorge yourself."

Inventions Edit

Sensor Goggles Edit

He has invented a pair of goggles that can detect the heat signature, pulse rate, and heart beat and many other health statistics about a target.

Ion Cannon Edit

The Ion Cannon is a large orb that can be attached to a vehicle or set as a turret to defend a base or structure. It can fire a red laser straight out of the hole leading to the crystal chamber inside the orb. The laser is capable of syphoning out most energy out of vehicles, structures, or even machinery. Aubren has customized a self-made one and keeps it in his home just in case.
Ion Cannon

The Ion Cannon placed on a jet.

Appearances Edit

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