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Aetos (lit. Eagle) is a planet discovered and colonized by Tyler and his mercanery fleet.


Mercanery Finding's and SettlementEdit

Tyler's mercanery fleet found the planet of Aetos while travelling during a mission. After later talk, Tyler and his fleet agreed to settle on the planet to establish a base, but they all agreed to keep this a secret until they were ready for a fight.

Naming and LeadershipEdit

Tyler's fleet began to colonize Aetos which had been named as such by Tyler, who had been asked by his fleet to lead the planet, being the best suited for the job, which Tyler hesitantly accepted.

Technological Discoveries and DevelopmentsEdit

A year later colonization was complete, and many discoveries helped to make Aetos a technologially advanced civilization, with very little pollution. However, this was largely due to having no interuptions from the rest of the galaxy, though everyone knew it was only a matter of time until they were discovered. As such a military was created in case a fight ensued upon discovery, though this has fortunetely not happened as of now.


Aetos' surface is about 2/3 water, with the land being very diverse in terrain, ranging from forests, to deserts, to rainforests at the equator, and also to some grasslands and artic tundras near the north and south poles of the planet.

Population and CrimeEdit

Aetos has a diverse, if slightly scarce population, as the the first beings to settle on the planet were Tyler and his mercanery fleet, which were comprised of multiple species of sentient life forms.

There are millions of other life-forms on the planet, with many not having yet been discovered due to Aetos being a newly collonized world. Most sentient beings living on Aetos do not keep pets.

There is very little crime on Aetos, as the world is cut off from the world, and the fleet that colonized the planet trusted each other, and as such crime is a rarity on the planet.

Government and MilitaryEdit

Being comprised of mainly mercaneries, Aetos' government is a form of republic, where every citizen of the planet votes on it's leader, who wields the power to pass laws, sign treaties, and such, but many of these actions must also be approved by the people. The citizens, and the leader of Aetos see the role as more of giving focus and direction than having true power. As of know, Tyler, the leader of Aetos uses a form of isolationism when running the planet.

The military of Aetos is a powerful one, but as stated by Tyler, will only attack if roused, as per the terms of isolationism. Having highly advanced technology, the ground, sea, and air vehicles in use are obviously a powerful force.


Aetos' economy is one of high balance and very few people are victims of poverty, as the citizens understand the meaning of teamwork, and help eachother out with problems, which helps prevent the economy from collapsing. The currency is based off the American currency system of dollars, however, the designs of bills and coins are different.


Though a secret planet to most of the outside world, including galactic governments, Aetos' technology exceeds the tech of most other civilizations, and have also mastered a way of settling on a planet without causing major harm to the ecosystem of the planet. Because of this the planet has very little artificial pollution, and while not having been tested in actual battle, the fleet of starships Aetos have been shown to be incrediblly versatile and powerful.


Aetos does not have an official religion, with Tyler allowing it's citizen's a choice in what they believe, though Tyler himself is a Roman Catholic.


The language of Aetos has always been english, as all of Tyler's fleet knew english upon landing on the planet.


  • The geography of Aetos is based on that of the planet Mandalore from the Star Wars series.
  • Aetos, while having a powerful army, is also one of the more peaceful planets and will only fight in a war if they are forced to.